"Violet Hill" is my favourite song by Coldplay as well as a brilliant picture by my favourite artist Charlie Bowater.
Midland SerendipiTea

Okay busy day today.

(And I’m probably not going to edit out places or peoples names because I’m too lazy.  But I tell you right now creepers and rapists and stalkers, I am fat, have no vagina/uterus and I don’t care if I die, so fuck you)

Anyway, we went to Midland today to visit Teresa who is proabably about 47 years old and her dutch husband (married for 4 years now) who is 71.  Yeah, that’s an age difference.

Anyway, her husband Johnnie is like super-rich or something (he has a Porsche) and has been remodelling her house.  She now has like a fountain and a bridge and sculptures and stuff in her backyard and a sauna and like room with lazy boys and a giant t.v in her house.

Although apparently Johnnie, at his ripe old age of 71, is now working at Home Hardware, so one must wonder just how rich they actually are.

But he is AMAZINGLY talented at designing and building these fantastic staircases and landscapes and living spaces, they’re just beautiful.

And apparently Teresa bought Johnnie a 99thousand dollar sailing boat for his birthday and it is BEAUTIFUL! It sleeps 7, has a fully encloased lounge area and bedroom with en-suite bathroom with a shower and a barbeque and over and stove and it’s just rediculous.  You could live, comfortably, on this boat for the rest of your life.

And apparently Hannah who has her own horse which she shows and trains and stuff, and who has a social life and a boyfriend, and who does well in school especially in maths and scineces enough to get accepted into a science program at UofG, has worked 25-32 hours a week for the past probably 3 years at McDonalds, earning herself about $12,000 per year!  Twelve thousand dollars!  A year!  On top of everthing else?  That is just rediculous.  And it make me feel like even more of a loser than super cousin makes me feel.

Plus she’s pretty and tall and just beautiful. 

And Johnnie has a son who can speak Dutch, English, French, and German, which is just rediculous in my un-cultured canadian mind.  And he lives in Belgium, which is pretty cool.

But Johnnie and his son kept having these conversations in dutch (and no one else could speak or understand dutch really) and then giggling like 10 year olds.  And then we’ld ask what they were giggling about and they would say ‘oh nothing appropriate, nothing to repeat’.  Or they would repeat it, but in dutch again.

It was actually really fun.

And i had carmel tea which was really good.  And cream cheese on this really delicious bread and brocoli soup, which was just scrumtious.  Although it was 1:30 by the time we got our food and I hadn’t eat at all yet so I was appropriately starving.

And now I need to go to sleep because I stayed up until 5am this morning watching iron man and iron man 2 and then i had to get up at 8am pretty much and then we had this super busy day and I need to wake up at 7am tomorrow!

These next to weeks are going to be the death of me, I swear.

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