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Just Wrong

Time for another txt post.  Yay!

>Who even bothers reading this shit anyway?

It’s wierd I keep not posting anything for like 2 days then posting a whole bunch of random crap.

So the past 2 day….

On friday my mother and I went to Toronto to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to go see the University Fair 2011. 

This was actually super-helpful, although I wish I had done it last year.

We went to presentations of Trent, Nippissing, and McMaster.  I also got view books for Laurentian, Brock, and Laurier.

I have narrowed my 3 school application choices to; Trent, Laurier, and McMaster for various reasons.

The problem is I don’t know which program to apply to for which school.

Trent doesn’t require you to declare your major until the end of first year so for Trent it doesn’t really matter.

For Laurier I would really like to get into the buisness program, but I don’t really have the marks.

And for McMaster I would probably go into some humanities/social program. 

Trent is also a very small university (7,000 people at the Peterburough campus), Laurier is midsized (it’s like 15,000 or something) and McMaster is considered larger-sized (somewhere around the 35,000 student mark).

Also Trent and Laurier garuntee residents for first-years, while McMaster does not.  And only Trent garuntees Residents for 2nd year+ students, even offering them priority.

Trent ranks top as an undergraduate school, but according to Macleans it can’t compete with Laurier and McMaster who offer graduate programs.  But theoretically I could go anywhere to take my Master, it wouldn’t have to be at Trent.

Laurier is the only one of my 3 that offers co-op.

In driving distance from my house Laurier (Waterloo) and McMaster (Hamilton) are both about 45min-1hr away while Trent (Peterburough) is 3.5-4hrs away, depending on the traffic getting through Toronto. 

According to Macleans at McMaster for every 100 students there are 44guys:56girls, at Trent there are 35guys:65girls, and at Laurier there are 40guys:60girls.  Therefore, McMaster offers me the best chance of meeting someone lol less compition ;D

They all offer a variety of clubs and activities on campus.

Hopefully the week after next I’ll be able to tour both Trent and McMaster (the two I have left) so I can decide how to rank them!

Okay. Shpeel on universities done.

Back to dissection of weekend.

After we got back to Milton we went and bought the Macleans Guide to Canadian Universities and I would just like to say a) I should have started doing this at the start of grade 11 b) Don’t let your parents read it, they’re kinda mean and call us lazy and c) I have ALOT of work to do

SO MANY FREAKING SCHOLARSHIPS.  Loosing my mind.  >You can get a scholarship for being NICE.  for being TALL for wearing a duct tape dress!  so much random shit and they just like hand out money.

Then we came home and this phone call from my grandmother was sitting there waiting for us, my grandpa has gone down hill.

Just really quickly, this morning we went to bowling and I bowled; 126, 99, and 114, maintaining my personal average of 107. 

After bowling we went to go and visit my grandpa in the hopsital.

So things that are new with my grandpa:

-they put a cathader in

-his heart is shutting down

-his kidneys are not functioning correctly, if at all

-the purpurea that was on his legs has now travelled to his hands and arms

-he has fluid around his lungs, making breathing very difficult

-his blood sugar has been sitting around 9, the can’t bring it down

-premenant I.V.

and what almost killed my mother:

-they might be moving him to the Palipative Care section of the hospital.

How can this be happening?

I lost my Opa on September 22nd.  That is not even a month ago.  And now they might be giving up hope on my Grandpa?  Palipative Care is where they take you TO DIE.  For the last month of his life my Opa resided at Lissard House, a Palipative Care Place.  How can this be happening to my grandpa now?  This is just wrong.

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